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100+ good night message for a friend ideas to send to your bestie – Legit.ng

Having friends is a blessing. However, true friends are rare to find. Nonetheless, genuine ones become like family with time. Remembering a friend before you sleep is a nice expression of friendship. Here are the best good night message ideas for a friend to send to your bestie.

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Sending a message at night is one way to help your friends ease the stress experienced during the day. This can give them the peace they need as they sleep. It will also strengthen your relationship and deepen your bond. The following are great ideas for good night messages you can send to your friends.

Good night message for a friend

Sending good night messages shows you care about someone and that they are in your thoughts. Below are some positive messages to send a pal before they sleep.

  • As the light goes dim and the world goes quiet, let your eyes and body take some rest.
  • True friendship like ours is worth more than all the wealth in this world. May we never be apart. Rest well.
  • Good evening, my dear! May you have a great day tomorrow.
  • I am sending a charming message to a lovely person on this beautiful night. Have a nice sleep.
  • Enjoy the nice cool breeze, and get a good rest!
  • Being close to such a caring person like you is one of the reasons I am so grateful to be alive. Sweet dreams!
  • Thank you for always being someone I can count on. I hope you have a great sleep.
  • Dreams of today will become a reality tomorrow. Have a restful sleep on this peaceful evening!
  • All I want is to wish you a good sleep because you are the last thought on my mind before I go to sleep!
  • May the day’s tension disappear into the evening’s quiet. Rest well, my dear.
  • Today was the best because I got to spend it with you! Smiling as I fall asleep. Sweet dreams!
  • It feels great to have someone like you who I can always count on. Sleep well.
  • Our relationship is brighter than the moonlight. Because the moon only appears in the evening. But our relationship remains for more than 24 hours.
  • I hope you sleep well and dream of the most beautiful things, only to wake up and find them real.
  • I am very thankful to God. Because He gave me the most amazing person as a buddy, it’s you, dear! Good evening!
  • I hope you sleep so well in the evening. May you wake up to this message in hopes of it bringing a big smile to your face.
  • No one knows what tomorrow holds. So, stop worrying and start dreaming. Sweet dreams, my dear!

Good night wishes for a best friend

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Nighttime is the best time to express how precious friends are to you. Below are some good night wishes for your bestie.

  • I could stay up and talk with you until the sun comes up. Thanks for being the best pal I could ever ask for. Rest well.
  • Dear bestie, you are the most beautiful-minded person I have ever met. I wish you a very charming and peaceful rest.
  • I can never be too busy to forget to wish my best bud a good evening. Do have an excellent rest.
  • Stop thinking about what happened today. You cannot change that. You can take a deep breath and let your mind rest. Enjoy this peaceful darkness and think about how amazing life is. Have a good evening, bud.
  • You are the sweetest person that I know! May you feel at ease tonight, knowing how great you are!
  • When I say good evening to special people like you, it is an all-in-one wish: sweet dreams, I miss you and see you soon.
  • I want you to enjoy this evening and let your mind rest. Have a great night, buddy.
  • It’s almost insane that you made me your bestie out of 7 billion people. Every evening before I sleep, I say a prayer for your life.
  • My sweet friend, you have worked so hard throughout the day, and now you deserve a solid sleep! Sleep well.
  • As you travel to the dream world, think of me, so I can appear in your dreams and make you laugh like I always do. Remember that it’s always darkest before dawn. Good evening.
  • Buddy, may you drift off surrounded by thoughts of how much you mean to me.
  • I could have sent you a funny joke, an inspirational quote, or a sweet message. But I have chosen to remind you that we are besties simply. Sweet dreams!
  • The simplest solution to wind down the day is to relax and think about all the things you are grateful for. Your company has been a true blessing in my life. I hope you rest well, dear.
  • There’s only one today, between a million yesterday and a million tomorrow. And I would never let it pass without telling you I’m thinking of you. Rest well.
  • God has given us the night to relieve stress, sadness, and tiredness. So utilize the time. Go rest and relax.
  • They say that too much of everything is bad. However, too much of your friendship isn’t. Have a great evening, my dear.
  • Even if I had a bad start with my day, spending it with you magically turns it into a bright day. Good evening my dear!

Heart-touching good night messages for friends

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The small things, such as a good night message, always matter when it comes to a loved one. Send them any of these heart-touching messages to make their night.

  • A true friend will stand by your side when everyone walks away. You are that true friend. Good evening pal.
  • I hope you all had a fabulous day. Good night pal.
  • Sleep peacefully; now the sun turns out his light. Sweet dreams for me and you.
  • The nights are sweet when you are at peace. Sweet dreams, my dear.
  • No sleepless night can bother my pal! I will fight every nightmare so you can sleep in peace. Miss, you like crazy! Pleasant evening!
  • I sleep like a baby because you will brighten my day the next day.
  • No matter how bright the stars may be, my evenings will always be in complete darkness without you. Sleep well, my dear.
  • Hold your phone firmly because this text message is more like a hug in disguise that will keep you warm throughout the night and bring you sweet dreams.
  • The brightest stars in the sky are you, my pals. You shine during the day and night.

Good night texts for a friend

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Beautiful good-night text messages will make your friends feel special. Surprise your pal with these great good night SMS before they sleep.

  • Rest well, buddy! Visit the dreamland and have a nice time with the fairies!
  • Rest soundly tonight, dear
  • Friends are your inspiration when you are feeling low. Sweet dreams, sweet friends
  • Dear pal, sleep well! Don’t let the bed bugs bite you!
  • I know you have had a tiresome day; it is time to refresh and relax. Sweet dreams, my dear!
  • Relaxation is for you! Have a peaceful one, my dear!
  • May your dreams be full of beautiful thoughts and lovely things.
  • I know how I treat you, sometimes I take you for granted, but I want you to know you are so precious to me. Sweet dreams!
  • You make my dull days bright. Sleep well, my bestie!
  • A beautiful day ends well as the night begins. Sweet dreams, my friend!

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  • I thought I was the most unforgettable soul in the world, but then you happened and made me feel like the luckiest being! Thanks a ton for being my best buddy! Sleep well!
  • I wish God to hold you close. I hope the angels will keep you bright. To make sure you feel good, I wish you a peaceful one.
  • You may be far from me, but I do not forget to wish you the most beautiful evening full of starry dreams as I do every evening. I miss you, bud!
  • If my love can help you have a great evening, I send it to you with all my heart.
  • The weight of a message is so light that I can load it with love and tenderness to ensure you have the sweetest nights. Sleep well.
  • I send two angels to watch you while you are in a dreamy world! Have a peaceful one, bestie!
  • My compadre, without you, I would be lost. May your evening be peaceful, sweet, and full of serenity.
  • Before you go to bed, look out your window, and the stars you will see are the thousands of hugs I send you.
  • I send you my loving thoughts to wish you sweet dreams, my dear.
  • You are the moon that lights up the sky; you are that star that shines brightly; you are that girl who was blessed in the moonlight. Sleep well, bestie.

Inspirational good night messages for friends

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Tell your dear ones that you care for them with thoughtful good evening wishes. Below are adorable messages you could send to inspire and make them smile before they fall asleep.

  • The moon shining in utter darkness exemplifies one thing, tomorrow will happen, and it could be an excellent day for you. Sleep well, dear!
  • May your evening be filled with refreshing dreams and inspiring thoughts! Sleep well.
  • Sleep well and dream big, dear, for tomorrow is the start of something great.
  • I shall always be there for you to remove all the dark clouds above your head and gather all the happiness you need. Lovely evening!
  • As they said, It’s darkest before dawn. Never lose hope in life. Sleep well and start the next day with a bang!
  • Let your imagination go, buddy! With sleep, you have a chance to have dreams with endless possibilities!
  • Dream big and dream wild because you are just as big as your dreams! Sleep peacefully!
  • May this day’s sleep encourage you to take significant steps toward your dreams, buddy.
  • No matter how bad your day was, always end the day on a happy and positive note. Sleep well.
  • Being associated with you frees me from my troubles! My dearest, I wish you an evening that is devoid of disturbances! May you only know quiet and serenity!
  • Rest well and absorb the energy of the evening before you embark on the journey to success again tomorrow.
  • May you be empowered by restful sleep and big dreams, buddy. I admire everything about you.
  • Sleep in peace, knowing God is awake and watching over you. Sweet dreams, my dear.
  • You may feel burdened with the world’s worries, but always end the day with positive thoughts and good vibes! Sweet dreams!
  • Miles apart, but minds united in friendship and love. That is the perfect description of us. Think about this as you fall asleep, and know I am doing the same.
  • This evening shall be one of the sweetest you can ever imagine! I love you like never before.
  • Every day, you encourage me to do new things, dear! May this day’s rest bring a new day that overflows with courage and exciting events!
  • Dream invigorating dreams and sleep deeply, best pal. A new day is a power.

Funny good night messages for friends

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A sense of humour is mankind’s greatest blessing. Here are some funny messages to send your pals at night.

  • We’ve been daydreaming for a long time; it’s time to have some night dreams, my dear!
  • Friend, I know this world is hard, so maybe you will sleep like a rock tonight.
  • Do you want to meet Prince Charming? Then go to sleep! Sleep well.
  • Early to bed and early to rise; it makes a man healthy for sure! But wealthy and wise? I don’t think so! Rest well!
  • Time to get some sleep, buddy! We need plenty of energy for tomorrow’s exploits.
  • If your batteries are dead, go, and connect to your bed! Sweet dreams.
  • Your body organs just called me to complain about how much you are exploiting them, so please sleep timely! Have a good sleep!
  • Here’s hoping there are no biting bed bugs, no monsters in the closet, and no scary guy in the basement. Sleep well, my darling!
  • Besides breathing, sleeping is the only good thing you are good at. Sleep well, lazy head!
  • My best moment with you is when I wish you a good night, buddy.
  • My best buddy, as you sleep, may you be heartened by deep slumber and dreams of the future that revive your spirit.
  • Crank up the sleep; we’re going to need it, dear!
  • Sleep is better than browsing the internet. You need to forget about social media for a few hours. Sleep well, buddy.
  • Tomorrow will be the same cycle of eat-study-work-eat, so you better get some proper rest! Peaceful rest!
  • After you read this text, turn off your phone and sleep. Pals don’t let pals lose sleep.
  • Don’t forget to pray because God has to wake you up in the morning. Sleep well, my lazy compadre!
  • Rest well. I hope that you will sleep well and be energetic in the morning.
  • Remember, tomorrow is another day. It’s not a must for you to do everything today. Sleep well, my pal!
  • I hope your bed takes you hostage and refuses to release you for the next 10 hours. You deserve a lot of sleep after putting up with me today, friend.
  • As the embers of one day burn out, may the spark of the next one fill you with the anticipation of a new day, friend.

Precious words can help someone put aside the stress experienced during the day. These words can be a tool for positive thoughts and a safe night’s sleep. Good night messages will help you share your genuine feelings towards your friends. And the above are great ideas for a good night message for a friend to help you express how much you value them.

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