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If you have an old cell phone lying in a cabinet or gathering dust in the drawer, you can sell it online to get some quick cash. If you are looking to sell mobile phones in the UK, there are various buying and recycling websites that offer money immediately once your old handset passes their successful inspection. They accept old devices in different conditions from brand new to broken and beyond repairs. The price you receive in return will depend on the condition of your handset.

What is the right time to sell my old mobile phone?

Before you send your old cell phone away, make sure to wipe all the information in it. It is also advisable to click a picture of it, keeping in mind that you have a record of its condition prior to shipping it off to the buyer.

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It is always best to sell your mobile phone as early as possible to receive the ideal resale value. Usually, whenever a new iPhone gets reported, the resale value of seasoned models begins to drop quickly. You can expect that the selling value of old iPhones declines by a few hundred pounds immediately. So to put it plainly, selling in the near future and before a newer model hits the market is an astute move.

Where can I sell my old mobile phone?

There are several options that you can use when selling phones online. You can choose online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. Manufacturers like Samsung and Apple would likewise acknowledge your old handset and offer you discounted items. Same is the case with network service providers like Vodaphone or O2. You additionally have the choice of picking mobile recycling companies that will offer you great money for your old handset.

It can get tough to choose when you have several alternatives. To get the top cash, it is essential to research well. You can visit different sites to get their quotes and have a comparison at the later stage. While getting a quote, look at the conditions about free postage and their terms and conditions. You would not want to have any surprises later as far as extra expenses or delayed payments concern.

Most retailers would permit you to exchange old cell phones and get some cash off on the new one. Indeed, even most significant network providers also offer such plans. Online marketplaces let you post your ideal cost, but they have their disadvantages too. For instance, these sites remain intensely swarmed with postings, which likewise imply that there is no assurance you will have the option to sell your cell phone.

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Online marketplaces like Amazon won’t offer hard cash and instead give gift vouchers. So this alternative will be ideal for you just if you do not want any hard cash. The processing fee is another aspect that must be kept in mind. Choose platforms that don’t charge anything from you.

What is the worth of my old mobile phone?

The resale value of any old device relies upon factors like its release date, condition, and its specs. If you have a handset that works fine, you can ask for a better price. Broken handsets also get sold, but you should anticipate only a small sum for them. It is important to keep all the accessories of the cell phone to make a good impression in front of the buyer. If you have the original box, it would additionally help you come across as a credible seller.

How does selling your old mobile phone works?

Selling old mobile phones is a straightforward process. Here’s everything you need to know.

When you look for top prices, you can get the quotes from all the top buying websites. All you need to do is provide accurate details of your device. The more accurate the information, the more precise the quote will be. When you are content with the offer, you can add your contact details and preferred payment choice.

The mobile buying company will send you the package where you should add your handset and its accessories. Most companies will offer free dispatch, so ensure there are no discrepancies here. Some may request that you bear these costs, which you should avoid as it is a pointless cost on your part.

When the buyer gets the handset, they will examine its condition. They would need to identify if the details you gave are right. When they are happy with the inspection, they will make the payment within a couple of days. You will get the cash through bank transfer or PayPal. In case there are any discrepancies, the buyer will lessen the price, which you need to confirm. If you are unhappy with the offered price, you can dismiss it. The company would then send back your handset free of cost. If you accept the revised price, it is business as usual, and you can expect the payment within a few days.

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